יום רביעי, 26 באוגוסט 2015

Emotional equality: we want it!

Today is women's equality day. Ninety-five years ago, in USA, women secured their right to vote. Each one of us has its own cause when it comes to gender equality. And, for sure, I have mine. It is emotional equality. What does it mean?

It means that women should never ever feel the need to hide their feelings from the opposite gender. As women, we are used to talk a lot about our feelings to our girl friends, but we hardly ever have the chance to express what we feel to a member of the opposite gender. Even when it is the guy we love. And, seriously? It sucks!

We should be able to tell a guy when we like them, when we don't or when we want to date. It shouldn't sound strange or not proper. A man can ask a girl out. But the opposite still sounds too forward sometimes. Wait down there! Let's imagine two people who like each other. She cannot ask him out first, because women should be conquered and seduced by a guy, not the opposite. That's the tradition. Oh, I see. Your way of keeping it traditional is by making my love life similar to a board game, like Monopoly or Risk. Are you nuts? If I cannot ask you out for a simple cup of coffee and some good talking, you can forget about any kind of romance.

A relationship where one part is not able to express her feelings is not a relationship, it's not partnership. It's emotional slavery and it doesn't matter how well the guy might treat you. If he is not ready to deal with and respect your feelings when you open up, I am sorry to say, but he doesn't respect you, he doesn't deserve you.

I have been lucky enough to express my feelings since I was a teenager. And I guarantee you, it pays off. Even when you two don't go out on a date. It helps you to learn what you want, who you really are, and who you should or should not invest in a relationship with.

So on this women's equality day, I would like to thank the men who I had been lucky enough to express my feelings fully to. They are great men. And I also would like to tell the young girls and women out there: it is possible, worthy and is has nothing to do with being decent or indecent. It has to do with being honest to yourself.


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